Watercraft Rentals

Rental ItemMorell River Experience*1 Hours2 Hours1/2 dayDAY
Single Kayak$60 per person$20$35$50$75
Double Kayak$60 per person$35$50$65$90
Canoe$60 per person$35$50$65$90
Stand-up Paddle Board$60 per person$25$35$50$75
* Includes life jacket and paddle. Shuttle up river and a leisurely paddle down.

About Our Kayaks

Clearwater Design

At Kingfisher we offer kayaks from Clearwater Design, a family-owned company from Ontario. We currently stock numerous single and double kayak models from Clearwater, including the Nunu, Iqaluit, Inuvik and Nunavut. If those names don’t prove they’re a proud Canadian company, nothing will!

See all of these kayak models that we have available:

  1. Nunu
  2. Iqaluit
  3. Inuvik
  4. Nunavut